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Step 2: Take the health assessment 

After you receive your health screening results, you'll need to take a health assessment. Health assessments take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Do not input your biometric results; they will be uploaded for you. Verification that you have successfully completed step 2 of The Good Life can be obtained by referring to the 'previous programs' section of your Personal Health Itinerary and seeing the Health Assessment task there with an indication of 'program completed'. 

After you complete the first two steps of The Good Life program, you may be required to move on to step 3, health coaching. 


What is a Health Assessment?

The health assessment is an online health survey that includes questions about your medical history and lifestyle choices. Your health assessment score, which includes your health screening results, determines if you will be required to complete step 3, health coaching. 

Where do I access the Health Assessment?

To take the Health Assessment, click here to get started

Can I complete my health assessment before I have my health screening?

No. You can only take your Health Assessment after your health screening has been completed. This is because your screening results are required to complete your assessment. 

Can I still receive information about the Good Life if I replied 'No' to receiving communications from the health assessment?

Yes. The opt-out feature offered as part of the Health Assessment only applies to general health and wellness communications. You will still receive any necessary communications for The Good Life program. 

Three easy steps to The Good Life