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The Good Life 

The Good Life is a comprehensive program that works in conjunction with your health plan.

By completing the steps of the program including the biometric screening, online health assessment, and if required, speaking with one of our certified health coaches - you can learn about areas of your health that can improve with our support.

Take your Health Assessment

Answer questions regarding your health and daily habits. Learn how you can improve your health.

View My Scorecard

Log in to your personalized account - View your health scorecard and Good Life status.

Physician Verification Form

Download the form, used to complete Step 1 (if you choose not to participate at an onsite event).

EEOC Notice

If included in the program, spouses must download and complete this form.

Three easy steps to the Good Life


Need more information on the three easy steps of the Good Life? Click on each step below to find out more information. We'll guide you through the process and answer your frequently asked questions. 


  1. Complete your health screening
  2. Take your health assessment
  3. Health Coaching (if necessary)