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Patient Safety

Bcbswny doctor talks about patient safety while taking patient's vitals

Learn about patient safety information

Adolescent Tobacco Use and Counseling Tools

The Health Survey for Adolescents is not intended to replace existing comprehensive health assessments. It is meant to serve as a brief tool to help address high priority risk behaviors and allow for dialog between the adolescent and their health care provider.

CEI - HIV, HCV, &STD Clinical Education Initiative

Provider and Pharmacy education focused on STI's and PrEP. Visit or call 1-866-637-2342.

Erie County Department of Health Fast Facts

FAST FACTS is a one page informational document on important current health care topics.

Improve Patient Safety and Enhance Your Liability Protection

Learn about the benefits of using the Health Care Notification Network.

Radiation Safety Awareness Initiative

Information to improve patient safety and raise awareness regarding radiation exposure.

Screening Grids

Screenings for Pap, Mammography, HPV and Chlamydia in grid form listing appropriate ages and time frames. 

Transportation Services

Information on the transportation resources offered to individuals in the Erie County region.