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Provider and Facility Reference Manual

Section 16 - Wellness and Health Promotion

Health and Wellness Programs

Blue Cross Blue Shield is committed to helping our members take an active role in achieving and maintaining good health. That's why we offer health and wellness programs. These programs support your efforts to keep our members healthy by providing them with coverage benefits for health promotion and education services.

Members are more likely to attend health and wellness classes if they receive encouragement from their physicians or other providers and we invite providers to encourage their patients to participate in the programs. We reimburse the health education provider directly, so the member may attend wellness classes without any out-of-pocket expense.

Blue Cross Blue Shield has an extensive network of credentialed providers offering health education classes. Patients do not require a referral or written approval for most approved programs.

Classes are currently offered in the following categories:

  • Diabetes education
  • Maternal and infant health
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress management
  • Weight management

We also offer programs on topics such as AIDS/HIV, children and adolescent health, arthritis, cancer information, holistic health, substance abuse, senior health, women's health, asthma, heart health, and a variety of support groups.

Members may view a current list of health and wellness programs by visiting the Health & Wellness section on our member website.

We encourage our members to take a variety of classes in order to enhance their overall wellness. Programs of similar topics (stress management, diabetes education, nutrition etc.) are limited to one class/program per year with the exception of fitness programs (Pilates, yoga, spinning), which are limited to two programs each year. Maternal and infant health classes are unlimited

To register, members should contact the health and wellness program provider directly. Members are able to verify program eligibility by calling the customer service number on the back of their Blue Cross Blue Shield member identification card.

Tobacco Cessation

We offer members access to complimentary smoking cessation counseling and nicotine replacement therapy [NRT] through our Roswellness InhaleLife program. Blue Cross Blue Shield also has health education literature on smoking cessation that you may use when counseling your patients. This information will assist you in creating a systematic approach to helping patients quit using tobacco products. For additional information or to download materials, visit the Health & Wellness section on our member website.

MyBlueHealth Member Website

With MyBlueHealth, powered by WebMD, members can improve their health and fitness online. This customized site has important information to help members on their path to well-being. With MyBlueHealth members can:

  • Take a health assessment for a snapshot of your current health (see information below)
  • Get customized videos and articles based on your wellness needs
  • Connect with more than 250 different devices and apps
  • Use quizzes and calculators to help on their journey
  • Complete self-paced wellness programs using My Health AssistantSM
  • Gain access to a variety of healthy recipes that include nutritional information
  • Research health and wellness topics using WebMD’s extensive medical library

Health Assessment

One of the greatest opportunities in controlling rising medical costs is staying healthy. We constantly offer resources to help members so that they can be proactive in managing their health. With that in mind, we developed a health assessment to help assess, maintain and improve the health of our members.

An individualized survey is administered to patients seeking information about their current health status, medical conditions, lifestyle habits, recent medical care and pertinent biometric values, as well as health areas in which they desire improvement.

The health assessment presents a personalized profile report that identifies the health status and risk of survey respondents. This report is distributed to the member. We encourage members to use it as a tool in managing their health issues. This data is a valuable tool for our health coaches to utilize in working with members on addressing modifiable risk factors.

Additionally, the data we gather from this survey is aggregated, analyzed and used to develop informed, targeted health promotion and education programs through our health promotion department. The data provides a better picture of the health status and risks of our member population and allows our Health Promotion, Health Care Quality Improvement and Care Management personnel new avenues for intervening with our higher-risk members.

The health assessment is located on the member website MyBlueHealth.

Discounted Services

We are committed to helping our members take an active part in their good health. That's why we have partnered with local and national businesses to offer health-related services at a discounted rate.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York members have access to the GlobalFit discount gym and wellness program. With GlobalFit, members can receive discounts for gym memberships nationwide as well as health-related products and services such as Jenny Craig®, Zumba®, spa services, and much more. See the Member Discounts and GlobalFit page under the Member Benefits.