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Accredo is Our New Specialty Pharmacy

February 20, 2020

To: All Prescribing Providers

Self-administered medications

Lines of business affected: Commercial only

Beginning April 1, 2020, Accredo will become our preferred provider of self-administered specialty medications (pharmacy benefit). Accredo will replace CVS in providing these specialty medications for most of your BlueCross BlueShield patients.

If you have any BlueCross BlueShield patients who use specialty medications at home, an initial prescription will be transferred to Accredo. You will then be contacted by Accredo to provide a new prescription for future refills for your patients using self-administered specialty medications.

In most instances, if your patients use a specialty pharmacy other than Accredo, they will have to pay the full cost. Prescriptions through Accredo are available by mail order only.

For a list of all specialty medications being transferred to Accredo Specialty, please visit

Also beginning on April 1, 2020, Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy will no longer be a participating specialty network pharmacy with BlueCross BlueShield.  Accredo will continue to be a network pharmacy provider.

Medications administered in-office

Lines of business affected: Commercial and Medicare

For most medications that you administer in-office (medical benefit), CVS Specialty Pharmacy will no longer be a participating medical specialty pharmacy with BlueCross BlueShield. You may either continue to order from other specialty pharmacies that participate with us, or you can now also order from Accredo.

For prescriptions and renewals, you can reach Accredo at 1-866-759-1557 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. For prescription status, please call 1-844-516-3319. Or visit for online service. If you have questions, please call Provider Service at 1-800-950-0051 or (716) 884-3461

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