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Preventive Health Programs

Preventive health is a key component to keeping our members healthy. Recommended screenings, immunizations, and other assessments are outlined in the preventive health guidelines posted on provider and member websites. Members and providers are also educated on preventive health requirements through newsletters, websites, fax, phone calls, and mailings.

Adult Preventive Health

The adult preventive health program educates adult members 21 years of age and older on the importance of preventive health visits, recommended health screenings (such as a colorectal cancer screening), and important vaccinations (including flu and pneumonia).

Women’s Preventive Health

The women’s preventive health program educates women on the importance of receiving recommended preventive health visits and screenings for breast and cervical cancer, osteoporosis, and chlamydia (a sexually transmitted disease).

Child/Adolescent Preventive Health

The child and adolescent preventive health program educates parents on the importance of making sure their children receive age-appropriate well care, including recommended well child and adolescent visits, screenings, and vaccinations.