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Push yourself to the limit and take advantage of our free outdoor fitness classes at Canalside this summer. Classes are open to public and available to all ages and all fitness levels. We will also be offering a few new and fun specialty fitness classes, check out our website and follow us on social media for complete details.


Canalside Buffalo
44 Prime Street

BikeORBar HIIT: HIIT is the acronym for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is an incredibly effective way to burn calories and build muscle. You don't need any equipment to do HIIT, though a weight and bands can be incorporated for modification. All you need is your own bodyweight and space!

Zumba® at Canalside: Join Zumba at Canalside for their 10th year bringing this hour-long dance fitness party to Buffalonians! Join instructors Jen, Megan, and Olivia as they lead you through different international rhythms for a great outdoor summer workout on the Buffalo Waterfront. Zumba is simple and easy to follow (you don't have to be a "dancer"), will get your energy up, and is guaranteed to leave you feeling happy and wanting more!

Barre Centric: Barre Centric fuses functional fitness moves, ballet, Pilates, yoga and orthopedic stretching to achieve strength, flexibility, and balance. The class uses a blend of concentric and eccentric movements with isometric exercises to fatigue the muscles, combined with lengthening stretches to increase flexibility. This class is 100% low-impact and an effective exercise class for all levels.

La’Movement Fitness: Join the Party! La’Movement Fitness is a place to get up, get active, and get moving. Offering high-energy and vibrant dance fitness classes facilitated through a multi-cultural lens.

Soma Cura Yoga: Flow Yoga at Canalside is open to all levels and is designed to promote strength, courage and a deep sense of calm. Stay grounded and learn to soar in this hour-long practice. 

Shannon Connors Fitness: Come join certified Group Fitness Dynamo Shannon Connors and her team as they work you out in this full-body, high-energy workout designed to work every muscle in your body: beginner to the most experienced fitness enthusiasts will enjoy this one!  Bring your mat and a water bottle and your energy! 

Next Level Fitness: Our unique, results-driven workouts destroy body fat, sculpt muscle and increase metabolism; burning calories long after you stop sweating. We have a "no person left behind" philosophy where each champ feels welcomed, pushed, and encouraged to get one step closer to their goals.

Nickel City Sweat: Nickel City Sweat is a bootcamp style class that utalizes just your body weight to push yourself to the limit. This class emphasis is on inclusivity, fun, and encouragement. Nickel City Sweat aims to create a positive environement for all, while working towards your goal!

Yoga Parkside: The emphasis is on the connection of breath and movement. In order to build a yoga practice that includes advanced yoga postures, the principles of each type of pose in a yoga sequence must be understood and a strong foundation must be set. This not only prevents injury but will create easefulness in even the most complex postures when one is ready for them.

Fit Like A Gladiator: Fit Like A Gladiator is a bootcamp style class that includes plyometrics, lower body exercises, and cardio. This class will test your endurance and strengthen your lower half, using nothing but your body weight.