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Wellness Debit Card Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my wellness debit card?

Your card can be used nationwide at: 

  • Fitness centers (gym memberships, fitness classes, personal training sessions)
  • Health food stores (nutritional supplements and health products from retailers, including GNC, Feel-Rite Fresh Markets, and Vitamin World) 
  • Acupuncturists
  • Massage therapy and chiropractic facilities
  • Weight Watchers®
  • Sports programs, camps, and lessons
  • Races, fun walks, and runs (5Ks, 10Ks, marathons, triathlons, etc.)
  • And more! Search the full list of participating vendors

Where can I find a list of wellness debit card vendors?

To view a list of where members have used their wellness debit card, view our vendor search page. We update this list frequently as our members continue to take advantage of this benefit at more retailers. 

What do I do if my wellness debit card is declined?

If your card is declined at one of the above types of vendors, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York will be notified. We will then notify Visa, who will add the vendor to the wellness debit card network. Adding vendors can take up to one month. 

Note: Your card could be declined at vendors other than those types listed above. 

Can I use my wellness debit card for online vendors?

Yes, the following online vendors accept your wellness debit card: 


What if I lost my card or it was stolen and need to order a replacement?

You can request a new wellness debit card by signing into our website as a member. Your new wellness card will arrive in 10 - 14 business days. Steps to report lost or stolen card:


  1. Sign in to your account here
  2. Select 'Report Lost or Stolen' under Tools & Support

Can I use my wellness debit card to purchase gym equipment?

The intent of the wellness debit card is to engage members in health and wellness-related activities. The purchase of fitness equipment falls outside the scope of the purpose of your wellness card.

Can I use my wellness debit card to purchase vitamins at a grocery store?

The wellness debit card is not intended to be used at grocery stores. If you would like to purchase vitamins, you can visit any GNC, Feel-Rite Fresh Market, Vitamin Shoppe, or Vitamin World location. See the above list of online vendors. 

I live in a more rural area and there are little to no approved vendors nearby. How can I utilize this benefit?

The wellness debit card is not limited to any town or country. We are currently researching the geographic area and working to add new vendors - possibly in your area. In the meantime, you can use your card to make purchases online. The list of online retailers is listed above. 

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