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"We're building a culture of wellness among City of Buffalo employees. Blue Cross Blue Shield brings the programs and resources we need." 

- Antoinette Palmer, Director, Compensation and Benefits, City of Buffalo

"Blue Cross Blue Shield is a valued wellness partner. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without the ideas, support, and guidance that I receive from them." 

- Gail D. Marchese, Wellness Coordinator, Tops Friendly Markets

"Blue Cross Blue Shield has been a tremendous asset as we seek to build a healthier's great to have an experienced and collaborative partner helping us reach our wellness goals." 

- Tara A. Ellis, President & CEO, Meals on Wheels for Western New York, Inc. 

"I had a real wake-up call. Now, I regularly discuss my experience with my employees." 

- Mike Esposito, President & CEO, Auto/Mate