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Adult Checkups and Immunizations 

Preventive Care Measures

Immunizations are important for all ages. The best reason to get yourself vaccinated is to protect yourself and the people around you. Start by scheduling regular check ups with your primary doctor. These visits are a great way to check in with your health. Learn about the recommended immunizations for children, adolesnce and adults child available in the community.

The Importance of Vaccinations - For Adults

Influenza can lead to serious, even life-threatening complications such as pneumonia, which is a common cause of illness and death among older adults.

To guard against the flu, it is recommended that you get a flu shot once a year in the fall. To protect yourself against the complications of pneumonia, you'll only need one shot in your lifetime, unless your doctor recommends a booster vaccination.

Some people skip getting the flu shot because the effectiveness varies from year to year. The good news is, studies indicate that the vaccine may actually make your illness milder should you get sick. Get your flu shot this year, and check with your doctor to see if you've already had a pneumonia vaccination. Both of these shots are safe, effective, and the cost is covered by your health plan. So don't put it off! Call your doctor today.

Not sure what vaccines you may need?

Vaccines are recommended for adults 19 years and older, based on their age health conditions, job, travel, and other factors. The CDC has an interactive tool that provides a list of vaccines you may need based on your answers to 10 simple questions.

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