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Mental Health ADHD Management Program

What is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition in which a person has inattention (lacks focus), hyperactivity (restlessness or constant activity), and impulsivity (makes hasty actions without thinking through consequences). According to the National Institute of Mental Health, symptoms can include:

  • Fidgeting while seated
  • Moving around in situations when staying seated is expected (e.g., classroom or office)
  • Running or dashing around or climbing in situations where it is inappropriate (restlessness)
  • Being unable to play or engage in hobbies quietly
  • Being in motion constantly
  • Talking nonstop
  • Blurting out an answer before a question has been completed, finishing people's sentences, or speaking without waiting for a turn in conversation
  • Having trouble waiting his or her turn
  • Interrupting or intruding on others

Benefits of ADHD Management Program
ADHD Management Program resources are designed to improve the quality of life for our members, ages 6 — 12 years old, who have been diagnosed with ADHD. We provide education to parents and guardians of children with ADHD that promotes proper screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

We work closely with our primary care practitioners, pharmacies, behavioral health specialists, and regional community resources to provide a comprehensive approach to ADHD management.

Who Is Eligible for the Management Program?

All members with a diagnosis of ADHD between the ages of 6-12 years are eligible for ADHD Management Resources through Behavioral Case Management. Members are identified for eligibility through:

  • Out-patient medical claims
  • Pharmacy claims
  • Members can be referred to Behavioral Health Case Management by their health care practitioners
  • Parents or guardians of members 6-12 years can contact Behavioral Health Management for assistance with ADHD management

What Services Are Offered?

  • Educational materials regarding ADHD
  • Assessment and referral to ADHD treatment providers
  • Web links to nationally recognized leaders in ADHD Management
  • Web based program information and self-management tools

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