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Behavioral Health

We're here to provide you with information to make educated health decisions. Read about the different types of behavioral health conditions, their signs, and symptoms. 




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Self-Screening Tools

Self-care matters, especially for your mental health. If you’re feeling down, overwhelmed, or hopeless, it’s important to understand if you are dealing with depression or anxiety and what to do about it.

Both the depression and anxiety screening tools will ask you brief, multiple-choice questions to help you determine if these conditions may be impacting you. At the end of the screening, you’ll be shown your score and learn what it means. You’ll also see some resources to help you manage and improve your mental health. Let's get started.

Self-Care: Programs and Resources

Taking care of your mental health and emotional wellness is more important than ever, and Highmark BCBSWNY makes it easy to find support. Click below to see more information about the programs available to you.

Self-Care: Lifestyle and Wellness Management

Keep you and your loved ones in check by making health a priority. Nutrition, exercise, and a focus on overall wellness can keep stress levels down and aid in behavioral health treatment.

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