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Spine Care Program and Resources

Our program and additional resources

What is the Spine Program?

At BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York, we offer support to members through our Spine Program. Our case managers are here to help you or a loved one understand neck and back pain, offer self-management skills, and provide educational resources. 

Who is eligible?

All members with a diagnosis of back or neck pain are eligible to enroll in the program.

What services are offered?

Our case managers are here to provide you with:

  • Personalized educational materials regarding neck and back pain treatment and management options
  • Free, over-the-phone health coaching
  • Resources to educational materials, articles, and links to recognized leaders in musculoskeletal health
  • Web-based program information and self-management tools

To enroll, click on the button below or call one of our case managers at 1-877-878-8785, option 2. 

Additional Resources 


National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

National Institutes of Health


National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health


North American Spine Society


American College of Rheumatology


American Osteopathic Association


American Chiropractic Association


American Medical Association


American Physical Therapy Association



National Institute of Health Arthritis and Skin Diseases

1-877- 226-4267

Ready to Enroll in our Program?

Looking to opt out of our program? Learn more.

Contact Our Health Management Team

Speak with a care manager today! Call 1-877-878-8785, option 2. 

Did You Know?

Members eligible to receive our wellness debit card can redeem their card at various wellness centers, including yoga studios, massage and spa services, and more!