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Health and Wellness Programs for Employers

If your organization is like many, rising health care costs and absenteeism are resulting in reduced productivity and lost profits. But you can turn things around with a health and wellness program — and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York can help you get there.

In fact, we can work directly with you to create a health and wellness program designed specifically for your organization, your employees, and your budget. We'll help you with step-by-step guidance that includes the information, tools, and resources you need to make your program successful.

We also take a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to health and wellness programming, which includes proven resources, such as:

  • Health assessments to learn more about each employee’s individual health and wellness needs
  • A discount network offering health and wellness deals to keep your employees healthy and happy
  • Health coaches who can answer your employees’ questions about medical conditions, treatment options, or general health issues, as well as help them manage chronic illnesses
  • Interactive tools that enable your employees to get a better handle on their health issues, track progress, select meal plans, and organize exercise schedules

We can also help you coordinate:

  • On-site workshops and wellness challenges
  • Interactive programs
  • Flu shot clinics
  • Health fairs
  • On-site health coaching and education

You want to keep your employees healthy — and keep your costs down in the process. At Blue Cross Blue Shield, we can offer you the resources you need to achieve that goal.

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If you'd like to learn more about our on-site wellness programs, and how they can benefit your organization, please call 1-877-878-8785 option 2.