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Gold Plans

Our Gold Plans have a robust level of coverage combined with low cost sharing.

We are happy to include a $250 Wellness Debit Card as an added benefit on all of our 2018 group plans. This card can be used for many products and services including: gym memberships, massage therapy and nutritional supplements.

View more details on the Wellness Debit Card

2018 Plans are available for purchase beginning on October 15, 2017.
All premiums listed represent coverage for dependents up to age 26. 

Alissa Upson, Benefit Consultant
Office: (716) 887-8985  

2018 Plan Information

  Gold Standard
Monthly Premium  



Employee and Child


Employee and Spouse/Domestic Partner



Primary Care Doctor / Specialist $25 / $40 after deductible
Deductible (Single / Family) $600 / $1,200 embedded
Inpatient Hospital Stay $1,000 after deductible
Prescription Drugs  

Tier 1/2/3

$10 / $35 / $70

Generic Oral Contraceptives

  Covered in full

Mail Order Drugs

  2.5 copays / 90-day supply 

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