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54: The Benefits of Music in the Community

October 18, 2019

In Point of Health episode 54, "The Benefits of Music in a Community," — JoAnn Falletta, Music Director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra shares the many benefits that music has on a community and why it’s important in our daily lives.

Episode Highlights

What role does music play in our society today? (1:30)

Music is a connecting force. We pray with music, we celebrate with music, we mourn weith music; we are constantly singing with each other and enjying music. Music connects us together. 

Would you agree music influences human development? (4:08)

Music has a tremendous influence on human development. Music is connected with our minds and our bodies. Actively listening to music increases our intelligence, it has been proven even actively listening to Mozart increase our intelligence temporarily by 10 points. Listening to music is exercise for the brain; it increases creativity, unleashes our imagination, it encourages open mindedness. We are able to learn and understand people of different background and cultures through music.

Over the years, the way we listen to music has changed. How should we consume music? (6:43)

Listening with people together, whether it is a concert hall or a big group of people, shares an experience in itself. Something physically happens, and even without words, we are moved to a different place – we are brought to a different level of awareness.

How important is music in the development of children? (8:48)

Playing music builds confidence, self-respect, communicative skills, and cooperation. Children learn acceptance of differences, even celebration of differences. Many kids can struggle with succeeding academically or athletically, but all children can succeed on an important personal level through the arts. Learning to play an instrument as a child isn’t just to see if the child is a prodigy, but also enhances their development as a human being.  Musical experiences in childhood can actually accelerate brain development, particularly in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills; it can also improve mathematical learning and even increase SAT scores.

How does music affect you as the performer as opposed to the observer? (10:48)

Seeing so many new faces enjoying the music and watching everybody be brought together is something that only music can do. Each performance is a celebration of bringing together a community; whether it be in Buffalo at the BPO Concert Series, Carnegie Hall, Florida, or even Poland, music has brought a warm and radiant experience for the whole community to share.

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