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45: Power of a Plant-Based Diet

April 16, 2019

In Point of Health episode 45, “Power of a Plant-Based Diet," Jennifer Kuhrt, population health manager for BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York breaks down the facts and discusses the power of a whole food plant-based diet.

Episode Highlights

What is a "Plant-Based Diet”? (1:25)

According to Jennifer Kuhrt, a "Plant-Based Diet" is a "diet that consists of four main food groups: fruits, vegetables, legumes, and wholegrains."

What is the difference between a Plant-Based Diet and a Vegan Diet? (1:58)

The Plant-Based Diet and the Vegan Diet both do not consume animal products. However, many vegans continue to eat process foods while those on the Plant-Based Diet only consume whole foods.

What are the health benefits of a Plant-Based Diet? (4:07)

  •     Helps cellular health
  •     Full of fiber and protein
  •     Controls blood sugar and choesterol
  •     Full of Anitoxidants that help your body fight off disease
  •     Helps reverse existing health conditions

What is the transition from a normal American Diet to a Plant-Based Diet? (6:40)

Transition to this diet from the typical American diet may be challenging at the beginning. However, once the body adjusts to less sugars and fats, one can experience a difference lifestyle. People on a Plant-Based Diet have less bloating, a better ability to sleep, and a clearer mind. After the transition is complete, it is normal for a person's tastes buds to adjust and fully enjoy the taste of whole foods.

How can I transition to a Plant-Based Diet? (10:28)

If you want to start the Plant-Based lifestyle, start with having a Plant-Based breakfast. Once you discover what you like for breakfast that fits into this diet, you can add more meals. Once you have all your meals Plant-Based, try having Plant-Based snacks. 

What are some other resources that I can use to get healthy? (15:54)

The following resources can help you get healthy:

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