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33: How to Age Actively

May 14, 2018

In Point of Health Episode 33, "How to Age Actively," Jen Johnson, health promotion coordinator for BlueCross BlueShield shares her perspective on the health benefits of staying active as we age. 

Episode Highlights

What does "aging actively" mean? (1:32)

Aging actively means that you are taking an active role in your wellbeing. Your wellbeing includes your mental, social, community, and physical health. 

What types of exercises should I practice every day? (2:54)

Walking: Walking helps preserve body strength and balance. Maintaining balance can lead to reducing falls and increases your ability to live independently. 

Stretching: Stretching helps maintain your range of motion and reduces arthritis. 

What is the most effective way to be active? (4:58)

Many studies suggest that it is better to have many small bursts of activity throughout the day than just one larger activity. If you want to be more active, be deliberate about getting exercise. Take a walk multiple times a day, go up the stairs when you can, and park your car further away from your office building. Making these simple changes can help boost your heart rate multiple times throughout the day. 

How do I know what exercise is safe? (6:43)

Make sure you check in with your primary-care physician before you change your exercise routine. Some exercises may not be safe for people with certain conditions. If you are are a member of our plan, there are many programs we offer to help you become more active. 

What is the most important thing to know when becoming more active? (8:53)

Find an activity you like and keep doing it. It is easier to be consistently active than to stop and get started again. 

Did You Know?

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