BlueCross BlueShield Statement on 2015 Medicare Advantage Rates and the Health Care Market

“The current Medicare Advantage premiums that our loyal BlueCross BlueShield members are hearing about this week are best explained in the overall context of a dramatically changing national health care marketplace, driven by the federal Affordable Care Act, stringent government regulations and new taxes. Because of these and other factors, other health insurers discontinued some of their plans in Western New York, because doing business here was so difficult.”

“Our senior members are experiencing an upheaval in what they are used to. Premiums the way they’ve been in the past are unsustainable. BlueCross BlueShield decided to get ahead of that inevitability and accept those realities
this year. As we will see over the next couple of years, we will not be alone in this realization – although we acknowledge that does not make facing these larger premiums any easier.”

“BlueCross BlueShield remains the #1 insurer in our region, is not-for-profit and community-based, with 80 years of trust and stability woven into everything we do. We can assure you that our health insurance products will continue to meet the needs of all our members and we will help them navigate through the hills and valleys of the current national health care landscape. We continue to offer plans that fit all our members, especially our veterans. While these changes we all face will cause disruption nationally, as well as in our region, we remain committed to our members as we have demonstrated since the 1930s.”

“Our Medicare Advantage Sales and Service teams are the best source for members with questions and can be reached by phone at 1-800-248-9296 (TTY 711) from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., seven days a week.  Members can also view information on our web site anytime at

Julie R. Snyder
Director, Corporate Relations