Tops Friendly Markets

"BlueCross BlueShield is a valued wellness partner. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without the ideas, support, and guidance that I receive from them. "

Headquartered in Western New York, Tops is the region's leading supermarket, with more than 160 stores and 16,000 associates across New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

Over the years, BlueCross BlueShield has supported Tops' employees and their families with flexible plan designs and individual care management programs. BlueCross BlueShield has also been working with employees on a range of wellness programs, including biometric screenings, fitness challenges, walking programs, health seminars, and more. The end result: increased activity, engagement, and overall health of employees.


--Gail D. Marchese,
Wellness Coordinator, Tops Friendly Markets City of Buffalo

From left to right: James McWilliams, Account Executive, BlueCross BlueShield; Gail D. Marchese, Wellness Coordinator, BlueCross BlueShield; Maribeth Insana, Health Promotion Specialist,


Healthy employees are typically more engaged and productive.


Since 2013 in the Lose to Win program, Tops' employees have lost 5,299 pounds

Since 2012 in the WalkingWorks program, Tops' employees have walked 552,735 miles

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