Russell's Story

Russell J Matuszak

Since July 2014, Russell has been working as a Portfolio Director in Operational Planning and Delivery. He started out with BCBSWNY as Legal Counsel in 2005. Russell’s current team is responsible for implementing mandates and regulatory initiatives. This was a good fit for him since his education and experience as an attorney allowed him an understanding of the mandates they will be implementing.


What does he like most about working here? [The company] “has presented me with opportunities over the years to develop and grow professionally and, most recently, has allowed me to change my career path. “ Staying at BCBSWNY has been fostered by a company focus on Employee Engagement, career development opportunities and Leadership that offers autonomy, support and encouragement to grow professionally.


What he likes most about his current role? “The challenge, the opportunity to learn new things, the ability to further the objectives of the company in a different way than my previous position.” Russell was a participant of our Accelerated Development Program and he explains the benefits: “it helped develop me professionally by building my knowledge and skills. It is a program that keeps on giving because the program continues to offer development and learning opportunities to its Alumni.”