Josephine's Story

Josephine James

Relocated to Buffalo, NY in 2013 for the opportunity to work as Manager, Corporate Legal Services. When asked what made her decide to work for the company she said, “the position was just perfect, very challenging and not to mention, HealthNow is a great company.” She also feels that she has had the opportunity to grow and make the position her own.


So far she has found her team to be diverse, hard-working and team-oriented. Along with having a great boss, who is supportive, receptive to new ideas, consistent in her management style and has a plethora of knowledge, Josephine feels that the best part of her role is getting to work with such a great team.


When asked what inspires her at work, Josephine said, “I am inspired by challenges. Challenges represent opportunities.”In the short time she has been with the company, Josephine has been able to participate in Corporate Wellness programs such as Lose to Win which she describes as, “more than just a program, it was more like a team building.” She has also been able to take advantage of some of the Management training programs where she was able to talk and share ideas with other company leaders.