Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY

Redefining Defined Contribution

BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York is committed to simplifying health insurance and minimizing cost volatility for our employer groups. As part of this commitment, we have developed a defined contribution solution that allows employers  to control their health care costs and offer plan options that fit employees' needs.


BlueCross BlueShield Defined Contribution Solution

We combine our unique expertise in defined contribution, with innovative plan designs and plan administration technology to help employers spend less time managing their health care benefits and more time running their business.


Strategy Development


  • Defined contribution strategy establishment
  • Employee education and resources
  • Plan/benefit utilization review and recommedations.


New Plus_1

Innovative Plan Design
(alignSM and focusSM)

  • Full Network Tiered Benefit plans
  • Premium savings of 6%*
  • Access to full Blue network
  • Choice of plan that best meets your/your employee’s needs


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Enabling Plan Administration Technology

  • Real-time plan administration
  • Easily set contribution amount
  • 24/7 online access; paperless experience
  • Employee-level enrollment


*Minimum of 6% savings compared to our other plans; savings may vary based on plan design BlueConnect currently available for small groups; available for large groups in 2018.

What is Defined Contribution?


Employer provides fixed (defined) amount


Employer offers suite of plan options


Employee shops for coverage that meets their needs


Employee applies employers' contribution toward premium of selected plan

Do you have questions?

Call your broker or account executive. You can also learn more from the brochures below.

Coming Soon:

Continue checking our site for more tools and educational opportunities, including the Defined Contribution Webinar, Tuesday June 20th.