Caregiver Support

A caregiver is someone who helps a family member or friend with a disabling condition or disease with everyday tasks. If you're a caregiver, be part of the conversation with your loved one's doctor - open communication will help improve your understanding of their medical needs and treatment. Caregivers who receive direction from doctors are more confident about giving care and provide a higher quality of care. 

Remember to tell your own doctor that you're a caregiver. Taking care of your own health is an important part of taking care of your loved one. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends caregivers:

  • Get immunizations, including an annual flu shot, on a regular basis
  • Take time each day to do something for yourself
  • Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly
  • Locate caregiver resources in your area
  • Not be afraid to ask for help
For more information, visit or call one of our health coaches at 1-877-878-8785, option 2.