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Highlights of The Bipartisan Governors’ Health Care Proposal 

On August 30, 2017 a bipartisan group of eight governors, led by Ohio's John Kasich and Colorado's John Hickenlooper, submitted a health care proposal to congressional leaders that calls on Congress to move quickly to stabilize the individual insurance market and to promote participation on the federal exchanges from both consumers and issuers. In addition to Governors Kasich and Hickenlooper, the letter was signed by Republican Brian Sandoval of Nevada, Independent Bill Walker of Alaska, and Democrats John Bel Edwards of Louisiana, Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania, Terry McAuliffe of Virginia and Steve Bullock of Montana.


Main Points In The Bipartisan Proposal:


  • Governors want the Federal Government to fund the cost-sharing reduction payments for at least through 2019. 
  • They want Congress to leave the individual mandate in place until it can devise a credible replacement.
  • They urged Congressional leaders to create a fund that states can use to create reinsurance programs or similar efforts that reduce premiums and limit losses for providing coverage. They recommend funding the program for at least two years and fully offsetting the cost so it does not add to the deficit.
  • They ask for insurers that enter underserved counties be exempt from the law’s health insurance tax. Additionally, they want consumers in those counties to have the option of buying into the Federal Employee Benefit Program.
  • The governors want the federal government to continue funding outreach and enrollment efforts to encourage new consumers — particularly younger and healthier people — to purchase insurance.
  • They want states to have more flexibility in choosing reference plans for the ten essential health benefits.

News and Media

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